Exhibition Poster
EuropArtFair, the Westergas, Amsterdam
Exhibiting: July 2nd - July 4th 2021
The artist Loi Phan announces today that a selection of his original artworks will be represented at EuropArtFair from 2-4 July 2021 in Amsterdam. His current art catalogue will also be available to visitors on site. EuropArtFairis an art festival where artists of all styles come together to create a diverse and colourful exhibition in one of the most visited halls in Europe.

Swiss Art Expo
Swiss Art Expo,  Eventhall Zurich Main Station. August 2020 - Attended
At the SWISSARTEXPO, the artist will arrange his exhibited works in a special light panel concept. Thanks to this special staging, viewers will be able to see different sides of the paintings from various angles and thus come to terms with the versatility and different faces of life. All of Phan's paintings appear powerful and impressive due to the unique colour combinations.

Stiftung Alterssiedlung Sunneziel Meggen
January 2020 - Attended
Exhibiting for the first time, Loi's extraordinary brushwork leaves much room for imaginative interpretations and immediately attracts the attention of the viewer through the indirect lighting. The atmosphere in all creations is very harmonious and graceful. New forms and plays of colour are constantly emerging before the inner eye, so that viewing these works of art becomes a true experience.